Tuscany Holidays

Tuscany Holidays,what comes to mind when you see views like this?


How about an open door looking out onto the beautiful Tuscan countryside of rolling hills and renowned conical Cypress trees?  Or maybe eating al fresco at a table full of wonderful Tuscan foods and enjoying a glass of stunning wine from the Chianti region? The list of images that Tuscany brings to mind goes on and these are just a few of the amazing aspects of this area of Italy that brings visitors back year after year.  Choosing villas in Tuscany means that you get to enjoy the best that this amazing area has to offer in style.

A draw for many people who choose to stay in villas in Tuscany is the rich artistic history of the area.  The Tuscany region inspired many of the great artists of the renaissance period so when you arrive at your Tuscany villas, you can start to be inspired too, you can drink wine from the same vines that Da Vinci might have drunk from. You can view the same great landscapes that have inspired Michelangelo and Botticelli, perhaps eat the delicious Italian food that Puccini may have enjoyed during whilst writing La Bohème.  Browsing in one of the many museums throughout Tuscany will give you the chance to get familiar with many of the brilliant artists who spent time in this amazing part of the world.

You may not immediately think of Tuscany holidays when considering a golfing vacation but with more courses than somewhere like the Costa Blanca you'll have a great opportunity for some first class golfing.  With fantastic winding courses landscaped into the beautiful Tuscan countryside golf in Tuscany is a great reason to choose stay in Tuscany villas.

No trip to Tuscany would be complete without seeing and experiencing all that places like Florence, Siena and Pisa have to offer. Great city centres alive with the sights and sounds of real Italy.  Experience the tower, cathedral and waterways of Pisa. Explore the red topped city of Florence with its winding rivers and bustling market squares. Relaxing and people watching at one of the many cafes in the stunning Piazzo del Campo in Siena is a must for any visitor to Tuscany and of course time your visit right to see the amazing spectacle of the Palio horse race.