Forte dei Marmi Tuscany Italy

Forte dei Marmi is an unobtrusive beach resort for the high end wealthy Italians. Very popular with royalty and discreet famous people with price tags to match. 

Forte dei Marmi is positioned along the north Tuscany coast by the Marina of Ronci and Pietrasanta and is known for its crystal clean sandy beaches and resorts. 

For the historian the area has much to discover with the town built with a fortress to defend itself in earlier times.

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TFR162 | Tuscany

PAX 7 VILLA NANI Forte dei Marmi. This villa is located in a residential area. The villa is surrounded by garden of about sqmt 600/700- equipped with sun umbrella and sun chairs. Dining area with table and chairs for dining outside

TFR163 | Tuscany

Forte dei Marmi is 4 km away. Great location near to the seaside. Four bedrooms. Restored to a high standard.

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TFR99 | Tuscany

Prestige property with Air conditioning and swimming Pool. Situated 7 KM FROM FORTE DEI MARMI in Marina di Pietrasanta. Elegant property that is very comfortable and located in a private area, with gated access. Lots of green lawn, with mature trees and a flowered garden. A safe place for children to play.