The location of Liguria is with  Piedmont to the north, and  Emilia-Romagna and  Tuscany to the east. 

It has a landscape of mountains and steep cliffs. The capital is Genoa which is one of the biggest ports.

For culture explorers  you can find elegant mansions and wonderful churches that are blended with the modern city.

The most famous towns and citys of Liguria are the regions of Portofino and Cinque Terre and the small town of Portovenere.

Sanremo is one of Italy's most famous bathing spots and the place where the annual Italian pop music festival takes place.

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Casa Cinque Terra 7
TFR157 | Tuscany

A 3 bedroom Mediterranean sea beach house in Liguria Italy in the region of Bonassola which is near to Cinque Terre. Wonderful views over the coast and sea and it is a two minute walk into the town where you will find bars, restaurants and cafes. A truly charming fishermans village on the Ligurian coast. No car required!